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E Managed Forex Accounts Dot Com is your premier online source for the very best managed forex accounts available. Through our featured partner The Wealth Club which is accessed through the banners below (scroll down to find them), you can come in contact with not only forex traders, but also you can discover the best auto forex trading opportunities and the best forex day trading system available to the retail market which is made up of average people who seek high return investments for their IRAs, Keoghs, and other retirement pension plans.

Through your subscription to The Wealth Club you will not only find the best forex investments, but you will also find other non-correlated investments such as managed options, managed futures, and managed day trading of various indices etc. By having a diversified number of non-traditional investments you can reduce risk and gain high investment returns through many months of managed trading. On the web site pages here we cover the many aspects of the "wild west investment world" called foreign exchange trading through managed accounts.

For those who happened to find this web site and do not have a clue about the definition of a managed forex account, this writer will now explain to you on this page and on the other pages on this web site what managed forex trading is all about so you will know how it differs from stock market trading and other conventional investments. You need to know more about it so that you can make an informed decision should you wish to get involved after you have become a subscriber to the Wealth Club which can help guide you in your decision.

In order to gain a clear understanding of the definition, it is important to understand that forex trading means foreign exchange trading or foreign currency trading. This means you can profit from foreign currencies as they are traded for you using leverage or gearing in a managed account. These currencies are purchased when they are low in value and sold when they gain value so that a profit is made. Often leverage is used to increase the profitability of the trades.

So building on the understanding just presented in the last paragraph, the definition of a forex managed account is an account that you open in your name or in the name of your company at a brokerage firm that is set up for the foreign currency markets. After you establish an account and fund it with the currency of your country or a foreign currency, you sign a special form that gives a trader of your choice a limited power of attorney to trade your money in the foreign exchange market.

With a limited power of attorney the human trader can only trade the currencies according to certain parameters set out in the L.P.O.A. form that you and the trader both sign. Because of the signed L.P.O.A. the trader can not take the money out of the account, but can only perform trades within the account. This point is very very important since Bernie Madoff would not have been able to steal the money from his clients if he had been restricted from doing it by using a third party brokerage firm that held the money and he only had power to trade the money and not take it out of the brokerage firm. So this point is one of the reasons that the managed forex account is the best way to have foreign currencies traded for you and be protected from theft.

Another reason why managed forex accounts can be so profitable and are unique compared to buying and selling stocks in your country is because the trading is sometimes set up so markets can be traded seven days a week and twenty four hours a day. This is different from other kinds of trading that only takes place during daylight hours Monday through Friday in one country.

Sometimes the managed forex accounts provider firm has numerous forex traders working for them around the world to maximize trading possibilities. When the trader located in the U.S. is sleeping, the trader located in Hong Kong can be at his computer seizing the opportunities that present themselves fromn time to time. Furthermore, when a currency that is the flavor of the month in one country stops trending then another currency in a different country may offer trading possibilities that can be accessed by all traders at different times of the day.

One of the main reasons why this writer sought out the forex managed accounts market for the first time back in 1996 is because of an investment talk given by famous investment manager and investment writer John Dessauer. Although John concentrated mostly on researching equities and recommending stocks through his newsletter and appearing on T.V. such as on Wall Street Week and the Nightly Business Report, he said in his taped investment speech or discussion that the #1 high performing investment was foreign currency trading. He said this because he knew of a trader in a Swiss bank who could generate tremendous profits for the bank through the forex market by making leveraged trades in this market. John spoke about this trader as being one of the most profitable traders for this Swiss bank that used the money of their depositors to invest in the foreign currency markets. In the Wealth Club it is possible to find managed account forex traders who are very profitable today for retail clients like you and me. Using alternative investment strategies you can build a fortress of unbelievable wealth upon the financial freedom foundation laid for you through the Wealth Club.

Something that you can learn from this writer that took him time and lost money to learn is that automated forex robots without a skilled managed account trader watching over them will eventually lose your money if you use these robots yourself for an extended period of time. This writer has experienced this himself and he has also talked to someone who has lived and breathed high performing alternative investments who told him that these robots will work fine for awhile but eventually they take your account south. This means that eventually you will lose your money with them if you use them yourself and for an extended period of time. That is why having a managed forex account trader, or a diversified portfolio of the top managed forex accounts traders, is much better than setting up an automated forex robot and letting it run while you hope for the best. It is even better to have managed non-correlated investment accounts to diversify and spread out the risk among your high return investments. You can find all the non-traditional high return investments that you need within your subscription to the Wealth Club. Scroll down and click on the banner to subscribe and start building upon the financial freedom foundation of wealth given to you through your subscription in the Wealth Club.

Disclaimer Required By The U.S. Government: Although Forex, Futures and Options trading provides the potential for huge profits, there also exists a huge potential risk using these kinds of trading. You need to be cognizant of the risks and you need to accept these risks if you're going to invest in the Forex, Futures and the Options markets. You are being cautioned not to trade with money you can not afford to lose. This website is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell Futures, Forex, or Options investments. We only sell a subscription to a very exclusive and valuable private membership club. No claim is made on this website that any kind of account, investment, trader or trading strategy will achieve profits or losses in any guaranteed manner. The past performance of any managed forex accounts trader or system or the past performance of any Futures or Options alternative investment strategies mentioned on this website is not necessarily indicative of future investment performance results.





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